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How Do You Help

A friend has just shared their pain with you, maybe even their thoughts of ending it all. What should you say back - and what shouldn't you say?

1question 1
"Suicide is wrong" or "You'll go to hell" or "are you stupid?" - judging them may shut them down
"How long have you been feeling this way?" - ask questions to better understand where they are coming from.

2question 2
"Things will be better tomorrow" or "I'm sure you'll get over it" - you can't promise this, and it can make it seem like you just don't understand
"I love you" or "I care" or "You're not alone in this" -you just have to be there for them.

3question 3
"Believe me, I know how you feel" - no you don't, you're not in their shoes, and this isn't about you and your feelings
"I can't imagine what it's like for you, and I'm sorry for what you're feeling" - demonstrates compassion for what they're going though.