Q:Why should I call a crisis line? What can they do over the phone?

A:The counselors at these centres are trained to talk to people in distress. They will provide listening, emotional support and help you explore your options. And they won't judge you. They can also offer information and resources in the community.

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I can't see a way out

The beginning of the way out is to let someone else in.

This can be very hard to do. When you're feeling desperate, maybe to the point where suicide seems to be the only solution, you're likely frightened and ashamed. But what you're feeling is real, and there's no need to be ashamed about seeking help. Some things you can do:

  • Call a crisis telephone support line. It's confidential. The counsellors won't ask you name, and won't know your number. What they will do is offer is advice and information resources in your community that can help. Call as often as you want.
  • If you need urgent help, call 9-1-1 or the emergency department of your local hospital.
  • Talk to at least one person about how you're feeling, as soon as you can - friend, parent or sibling, teacher, school guidance counsellor or social worker, family doctor, member of the clergy, coach, friend's parent, or anyone else you trust. They can offer the support you need if you let them.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol as a way to feel better. They'll usually make you feel worse in the end, even if they make you forget about your problems for a bit, and can mess up your judgment.
  • Do something, anything, that normally gives you pleasure. It won't solve the problem, but can help you blow off steam and give yourself a chance to think.
  • Find out more about suicide and mental health - the problems and the solutions.
  • Be open to help from health professionals. For instance, counselling or therapy is a safe place where you can talk about your feelings. If you need help with an issue like depression - a treatable medical condition - then professional help is essential.

What you're feeling right now, no one needs to go through it alone. And you're not alone. Many teens have felt just like you do and survived - but with a helping hand.

If you're depressed or thinking about suicide, the feelings you're struggling with are powerful. You can't wait and hope they'll pass. Don't isolate yourself. There are people who can and want to help you - so please get help now.