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For youths in Canada age 15-19, suicide is the second leading cause of death (first is motor vehicle accidents).
Who is at risk

Who's at risk of suicide? More people than you might imagine. Read the stories of these four teens - click who you think is at risk


Josh is 17. He comes from an upper-middle class family. He gets along well with his parents and younger sister. His parents are very supportive of him. At school, his grades are above-average, and he's highly active in sports and clubs. He's surrounded by many friends. Josh will graduate from high school this year and is in the process of applying to several high profile universities. Josh feels overwhelmed by feelings that he must be "perfect."


Simran is 13. She came to Canada two years ago as a refugee with her mother and three younger siblings. Because her mother is a single working parent, Simran has to take her siblings to school, cook, and do housework. With so many adult responsibilities, she has no time for fun. Even at school, she often can't join activities due to cost. Simran wants to fit in, but her mother finds much of the Canadian teen culture "unacceptable."


Sarah is 15. She has been dating a guy at her school for a year. She thought they were best friends and that he loved her. Sarah's boyfriend recently broke up with her and is dating another girl. She is sad, withdrawn- she stays in her room and doesn't feel like doing anything. Her friends have been telling her to get over him but she just can't. She feels alone, rejected and heartbroken.


Amar is 16. Every day at school, he's bullied and teased about his sexuality. The school is not aware of the bullying. He doesn't feel like he can talk to his family about it, because he knows they will not accept the fact that he is gay. He has already attempted suicide twice.