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About us

This site has been developed by the Council on Adolescent Suicide Prevention in Peel in partnership with the Peel District School Board. CASPP is a voluntary community-based network of mental health, education and community service providers in Peel.


CASPP encourages community responsibility for intervening in and preventing youth suicide, by focusing on mental health promotion.


A community that is aware of the issues related to youth suicide and where youth are supported in managing and sustaining their mental health.

Partnering agencies


The Canadian Mental Health Association/Peel Branch is a leading client-driven, community-based mental health organization serving the community of Peel, recognizing its diversity in culture, personal and professional needs, and attitude. We are innovative partners in pro-actively strengthening individuals' natural supports and developing the capacity of a responsive mental health system through the government of Ontario's Central West Region. Managed with the highest of business and professional ethics, our practices, decision, activities and organizational circumstances help to maintain the integrity of our resources: human, material and financial.